Guy sings on his driveway to introduce himself in new neighborhood

When Patrick Bailey moved into his new house he waited until his wife left town before he serenaded his new neighbors with an Ugly Kid Joe cover blasted over a speaker system. What is equally incredible is that the rest of his family stood by him during this car crash of an introduction. » 5/22/14 9:43pm 5/22/14 9:43pm

Great Giz Ideas: Harass Your Neighbors With Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Name

We were setting up our wireless router in this our new house when we made a startling realization. Our wireless hotspot doesn't need to be limited to boring names like LinksysN or 2Wire1969, they can be messages to our neighbors that they see every time they connect to their router. Here are some that our crack team… » 7/02/08 5:00pm 7/02/08 5:00pm