The February Science Fiction And Fantasy Books You Can't Afford To Miss

2015 is already off to a crazy start, as far as science fiction and fantasy books are concerned. And your to-read pile is about to get much bigger. February brings new Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link, Claire North and Joe Abercrombie. Plus tons more. Here are 23 books you can't afford to miss in February! »2/05/15 11:04am2/05/15 11:04am


No T-Mobile G1 for Neil Gaiman Because "It Won't Do the Google Here"

The G1 sounds like a neat phone. If you haven't played with it, you might want to, like Neil Gaman did. So he rolled to the nearest T-Mobile store to do so. But alas, he lives in a 3G desert, where T-Mobile isn't stocking them. The strategy is sound: Using the G1 over straight-up EDGE blows Googley goats. But it's… »10/24/08 2:40pm10/24/08 2:40pm