11 Ludicrous Gifts from Neiman's Holiday Catalog

You know Christmas is a-comin' because there's a slight nip in the air and the disgustingly over-the-top Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is out. As usual, it's full of expensive crap most of us do not need (or even want!) like Snowflake cufflinks, mink backpacks, and golden Beats by Dre headphones. Behold! Luxury: » 10/10/14 4:05pm 10/10/14 4:05pm

Neiman Marcus Missed 60,000 Alerts As Hackers Stole Credit Card Info

Remember how Neiman Marcus revealed that hackers accessed credit card info for brick-and-mortar store customers? Turns out, during the eight-month period when hackers were snooping around the company's system, they set off nearly 60,000 security alerts. That seems like a lot of pop-ups to casually dismiss. » 2/22/14 6:00pm 2/22/14 6:00pm

$50,000 Treetent Blows Swiss Family Robinson Out of the Water

To most people, camping involves a fair share of roughing it—sleeping in a tiny tent in an uncomfortable sleeping bag on a rocky floor, but for a mere $50,000 the Treetent can spare you the grief. The 13-foot-tall tent resembles an under-inflated balloon, but it features a round hardwood floor that's nine feet in… » 11/29/07 3:26pm 11/29/07 3:26pm

$75,000 Swami Conversational Robot is a Very Expensive Psychic

Sure we've covered other robotic fortune tellers in the past, but none of them have cost anywhere close to $75,000. Now, to be fair, as far as robotic swamis go, this one looks amazing. Utilizing "cutting-edge" AI and over 30 facial motors, this swami can learn his own name, wink at you as you walk by, or even answer… » 10/04/07 4:30pm 10/04/07 4:30pm

Voce: The Cell Phone Service for Wealthy Geeks

The always fashionable folks at Neiman Marcus have decided to dip their delicate toes into the world of tech with a new cell phone service dubbed Voce. They've made agreements with other carriers to ensure you actually have coverage and in order to join their "premium" service you have to cough up a $500 initiation… » 2/21/07 10:06am 2/21/07 10:06am