Video: Sony Ericsson Neo's Interface and Camera Functions Explored

That weird blog dedicated to busting open the Sony Ericsson Neo is still delivering the goods, with a new series of videos showing the unannounced Android phone's camera abilities. There's a handful of clips recorded with the phone, some still picture samples and a quick look at Sony Ericsson's reworked user interface. » 2/09/11 4:20am 2/09/11 4:20am

OpenMoko Smartphone Doing the Full Open Monty, Releasing Chip Schematics For Building Your Own

They've already released the CAD files » 8/06/08 11:15am 8/06/08 11:15am for modding the case into a lobster phone (please, someone?), and now the OpenMoko folks are going all the way with their Neo Freerunner Linux smartphone, opening up the schematics for all to see and use under a Creative Commons license. This includes not only the full schematics…

Kyocera Neo E1100 Brings OLED, Designer Sensibility to Low End Phone

The Kyocera Neo E1100 is a forgettable CDMA handset save for the fact that it has a glowing blue "lightpipe" and a hidden OLED display on its minimal exterior. Other than that, it has Bluetooth 2.0 and a 1.3 MP camera. But hey, it's nice to look at and it's coming soon to a North American carrier near you.
» 4/02/08 12:00am 4/02/08 12:00am

Best Hotels Around the World for Geeks, Neo Wannabes

If you are the kind who follows white rabbits, has weird deja vus, pops red pills, and you are planning to go to Sydney, Australia, anytime soon (not necessarily in that order,) the 31-story, 416-room Westin is the best hotel for you. After all, it was the place where the Deja Vu scene from Matrix was filmed and… » 3/04/08 11:40am 3/04/08 11:40am

Neo Tries Funky Design with 808i Cellphone

All of the rage lately with simple, minimalist phones was completely thrown out the window by Neo. They have entered the competitive cellphone market with the 808i. This is a tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE phone that has one hell of a strange form-factor and includes "3D graphics," Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel camera, FM radio,… » 12/14/06 2:18pm 12/14/06 2:18pm