OpenMoko GTA02 Handset Rumored to Join the Android Party

OpenMoko »10/29/08 9:15pm10/29/08 9:15pm, stalwarts of the open source gadget movement, have announced their intentions to develop an handset for release as early as November. According to , the alleged Android phone will operate under the project name "GTA02" and resemble something like the Neo FreeRunner. The phone is said to have a 2.8-inch,…


OpenMoko Launches Neo FreeRunner Open-Source Smartphone for the Masses

OpenMoko today announced the Neo FreeRunner, a mass-market version of the Neo 1973 open-source phone, and will be showing it off at CES next week. The phone will have the same "overall look and feel" as the developers' product, but it has a faster 500MHz processor, 3D graphics, and a new lineup of open-source mobile… »1/03/08 9:22am1/03/08 9:22am