Design and Make Your Own OpenMoko Phone

OpenMoko is taking its open philosophy a step beyond its Linux soul and has released the CAD (computer-aided design) files for the Neo1973, allowing you to design and create your own body for the phone. The catch for selfish bastards is that it's under a ShareAlike Creative Commons license, so you've gotta make w/ the… » 3/04/08 1:27am 3/04/08 1:27am

OpenMoko Launches Neo FreeRunner Open-Source Smartphone for the Masses

OpenMoko today announced the Neo FreeRunner, a mass-market version of the Neo 1973 open-source phone, and will be showing it off at CES next week. The phone will have the same "overall look and feel" as the developers' product, but it has a faster 500MHz processor, 3D graphics, and a new lineup of open-source mobile… » 1/03/08 9:22am 1/03/08 9:22am

Wired's Open Phone Round-Up Tells the Bleak Truth

Rob Beschizza, lead blogger at Wired's Gadgetlab, has a popular article up glancing at the world of open source and unlocked phones like the Neo1973 from OpenMoko and Nokia's N series tablets. It does feel good to read about the theoretical of openness of these phones, some available now but not that open, some coming… » 10/12/07 6:19pm 10/12/07 6:19pm

OpenMoko Developer Preview Kit Unboxing: Wow, That's a Lot of Stuff

Someone got their OpenMoko Neo Advanced developer preview phone kit in the mail, so naturally the first thing they did was throw the Christmas-in-August pictures up on the net. That "Hi, I might contain a portable nuke" case is indeed packed to the gills. But for $450, it should be. [digg]
» 8/06/07 2:45pm 8/06/07 2:45pm

OpenMoko's Neo 1973 Open-Source Smartphone Ships In October at $450 to…

With all of the hullabaloo last week surround the iPhone, we nearly missed an update on the anti-iPhone, the world's first open-sourced Linux mobile phone known as the FIC/OpenMoko Neo 1973. The phone has more internal flash memory and integrated Wi-Fi. It will be ready for customers in October, available in $450 and… » 7/05/07 6:30pm 7/05/07 6:30pm

First Look: the Anti-iPhone, OpenMoko's Neo1973

Click to viewThe OpenMoko Neo1973 linux-powered smartphone first crossed our radar last november. Then the iPhone came out and made us double-take on the device's multi-touch screen, and coincidentally similar interface. Yesterday we sat down with the Neo1973, and learned more about its features, three-phase road map,… » 2/15/07 8:53am 2/15/07 8:53am

OpenMoko Smartphone: Did They Have a Time Machine, or What?

When we first saw this Linux-based OpenMoko FIC Neo1973 smartphone last November, we were wondering if it would capture the imagination of the open-source community. Now, after Apple's iPhone (pictured at right next to the Neo1973) has been unveiled, we're looking at this smartphone in a different context. » 1/17/07 8:03am 1/17/07 8:03am