Guy builds digital computers using strings, weights, and a chessboard

Sploid reader Kimberly Nguyen has spotted this really neat video demonstrating how computer logic gates work using just strings and weights. "I'm an Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering major and I've never seen anything like this before!" Me neither. It's really clever. » 5/02/14 11:01am 5/02/14 11:01am

The 17 Types of People You See at Any Nerd Convention

San Diego Comic Con has wrapped up and E3 has been long over, which means two of the biggest "nerd" conventions are gone until next year. That's okay! If you've ever been to a convention like that, no matter how much fun you have or think it will be you'd know that going too often will take years off your life. But… » 7/24/13 1:00am 7/24/13 1:00am

What It's Like Inside the Bullshit of a Tech Conference

TechCrunch Disrupt is a tech conference that makes a lot of money for TechCrunch and gives a little bit of attention to tech startups. It's a place where people are overly optimistic, eye-buggingly enthusiastic and entirely removed from reality. A conference for buzzwords that don't mean anything, hollow phrases that… » 5/31/12 3:20pm 5/31/12 3:20pm

Marvel Comics Pleather Gaming Chair Is the Nerd Throne You've Been Dreaming Of

Comic fans can be pretty rabid in their loyalty to their favorite heroes. They hoard crates upon crates of musty old issues. They cosplay at conventions. And they, apparently, buy and sit in pleather gaming chairs with images of their favorite Marvel characters stuck down the middle of them. » 4/23/12 9:40am 4/23/12 9:40am