A Working Halo Assault Rifle Is a Terrifying Thing

I'm sure that Halo assault rifle you mocked up for Halloween 2004 was nice and all. But unless it's also a fully functional Nerf gun that holds three magazines and "a bunch" of darts, you lose. Here's the video proof: » 5/27/10 12:20pm 5/27/10 12:20pm

12 Hacked Nerf Superweapons

I'm a grown man and I love Nerf guns. I'm not alone either, which is why modders look to trick them out with new looks and new capabilities. Check out Oobject's list for 12 of the best Nerf mods. [Oobject] » 1/14/10 7:20pm 1/14/10 7:20pm

Nerf N-Strike Raider CS-35: Lil' Dick Tracy's Automatic Tommy Gun With…

Nerf just can't stop. Last year it was Rambo Jr.'s Vulcan Gatling gun, and now they've raised the bar again—the CS-35 shoots 35 darts from a rotating drum magazine with pump-action auto fire. Holy shit. » 2/15/09 3:24pm 2/15/09 3:24pm

How a Nerf Gun is Made

Concept sketches. 3D mockups. Prototyping. High speed ballistics photography. If it sounds like weapon development, that's because it is weapon development...just on a Nerf scale. » 12/01/08 3:40pm 12/01/08 3:40pm