You Can Still Buy Classic NES Sports Games, Now With 2015 Rosters

Never underestimate the devotion and dedication of a few hardcore fans. R.B.I. Baseball and Tecmo Super Bowl were originally released for the NES way back in 1986, and 1991, respectively. But both games are still available today, and in cartridge form, but with updated 2015 player rosters thanks to the dedicated folks… »7/24/15 2:26pm7/24/15 2:26pm

Father Makes Son Play Through Video Game History, Chronologically

For the last ten years, Andy Baio has been performing an experiment on his son. It is equal parts cruel and fascinating. Rather than let him play whatever video game he wanted, Baio made his boy work his way to modernity by playing through the history of video games chronologically. Starting with 1979's Galaxian. »12/11/14 2:14am12/11/14 2:14am

How To Get The Sharpest Images Possible Out Of Your Old Consoles

If you've tried playing a retro console on a modern HDTV, you may not have liked what you saw — smeary, stretched images that are a far cry from the sharp chunky blocks of yesteryear. Luckily, there's a better way for purists to get a crystal clear image that doesn't involve buying an old CRT TV. »8/26/14 4:58pm8/26/14 4:58pm

Master Mobile Gaming With This Upgraded Bluetooth NES Controller

Touchscreens are fine for solving puzzles and flinging birds, but for action-based mobile games nothing will ever beat a physical controller in hand. The makers of the FC30, a Bluetooth controller that paid homage to the original Nintendo Famicom, are back with a new and improved wireless gamepad that now hearkens… »7/23/14 9:20am7/23/14 9:20am

These GIFs Will Make You Nostalgic For Your Favorite NES Games

Before the hi-def graphics of modern consoles, there was the Nintendo Entertainment System—a world steeped in glorious 8-bit imagery. These GIFs by New York-based Brother Brain (aka John McGregor) show how the in-game art compared with real world photos. And somehow, the 8-bit versions are still way more fun. »3/13/14 4:00pm3/13/14 4:00pm

A Gorgeous NES Clone Made From a Solid Block of Aluminum

Running an emulator with a few ROMs on your laptop or smartphone is a great way to scratch a nostalgic itch for a long lost console. But for the full experience, you need a TV to crowd around with friends, real controllers, and of course the hardware. Which is where the Analogue Nt—a gorgeous aluminum NES clone—enters… »3/12/14 1:40pm3/12/14 1:40pm

Seeing every single Nintendo NES video game start screen is so fun

Wow. NicksplosionFX just created a time machine of emotions by stitching together every single—yes, every single—original Nintendo NES video game start screen in one epic video. The whole shabang lasts 3 hours and goes in alphabetical order and has so many memorable beeps and boops that you can't help but feel like a… »1/22/14 9:32pm1/22/14 9:32pm

This 8-Bit Harmonica Makes Blowing Into NES Carts Musical

Even if the original Nintendo Entertainment System was well before your time, you're probably still aware of a well-known issue that prevented games from working until you blew into the cartridges to clean off the contacts. Taking that idea one step further, YouTuber Basami Sentaku has turned a few old NES (or… »1/14/14 11:00am1/14/14 11:00am

NES Cartridge Flasks Make Video Games Your Least Problematic Addiction

When you consider that a flask is supposed to be a secret way to smuggle contraband libations, an NES game cartridge doesn't immediately spring to mind as the most subtle design. But maybe that's the true brilliance behind these game cart recreations that you can fill with more than your cherished high scores. »11/15/13 3:40pm11/15/13 3:40pm

Classic Controller Ornaments Will 1-Up Your Holiday Spirit

Your Christmas tree says as much about you as it does your love for the holidays. So this year why not skip the traditional ornaments like glass bulbs and shiny stars and go for something that will bring real character to your tree? If you've been a gamer for as long as you can remember, ThinkGeek's got a $20 set of … »11/05/13 5:03pm11/05/13 5:03pm

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix Their New Single Using An 8-Bit Plugin and 45 Different NES Games

Releasing an album is a brutal, labor-intensive process, rife with sleepless nights and self doubt. For Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., the Detroit indie pop band whose latest EP, Patterns, came out on April 16, stress relief came not from cigarettes or sizzurp, but from an 8-bit plugin. "We were all stressed out with… »4/22/13 12:00pm4/22/13 12:00pm