New Net Radio Royalty Compromise Sorta Finished, Sorta Sucks

After being saved by a near-miraculous act of Congress »11/06/08 8:40pm11/06/08 8:40pm, net radio operators are busy negotiating new rates with royalty-collection mobsters SoundExchange that hopefully won't put them out of business. Pandora CEO Tim Westergren says that while the final deal isn't expected until next year, “the hard stuff has been…


Every Song You Own, Available Online Wherever You Are For Free, Promises

In its first incarnation, focused on helping people trade and buy CDs cheaply, all the while building a community of music listeners and a catalog of preferences. Today, newly revamped Lala is launching a free service that scans your digital tracks—everything you own from ripped CDs, iTunes downloads or any… »6/04/07 9:03pm6/04/07 9:03pm

Senate Introduces Net-Radio Bill; Pandora Asks Giz Readers to Keep Bugging Congress

The Senate today introduced a bill to prevent outlandish increases in net-radio royalties, a companion to the bill proposed by the House of Representatives last month. I decided to check in with Pandora's founder Tim Westergren again to see how he and his fellow webcasters got such sudden political clout. »5/10/07 10:00pm5/10/07 10:00pm