JoliCloud 1.0 OS Is Here To Make Your Netbook Usable

JoliCloud has been a long time coming, but you can finally download it today. It's a touchscreen-compatible, Linux-based operating system that promises that simplifies your netbook experience. It looks neat, boasts a 700-app directory—and it's totally free. » 8/04/10 2:59pm 8/04/10 2:59pm

Intel Promises Two-Second Boot Times With Their Moblin Netbook Linux OS

Imagine if your netbook went from completely powered off to fully booted and ready in two seconds. It would be an entirely different gadget in your life, wouldn't it? That's what Intel hopes. » 4/09/09 1:40pm 4/09/09 1:40pm

Intel Shows Off Moblin, Their Own Netbook-Optimized Linux OS

We're hearing more and more about specific netbook-optimized operating systems, and Intel is joining in the game with an alpha release of Moblin, their netbook Linux OS optimized for Atom. » 1/30/09 10:00am 1/30/09 10:00am

Jolicloud's Beautifully Designed Netbook Linux OS

I agree with designer Tariq Krim that we've yet to see an OS interface perfectly implemented to a netbook's uniquely small hardware. Hence Jolicloud, and judging from this UI shot, he's on to something. » 1/23/09 12:40pm 1/23/09 12:40pm