Why Netflix Needs To Bring Back Expiration Dates

Sometime in early February, I loaded up Netflix on my PlayStation 3 to watch Captain America: The First Avenger. I planned to re-watch the flick to get ready for its amazing-looking sequel, which hits theaters soon. But as I cycled through titles on My List, I soon realized the action-packed Marvel film was no longer… » 3/25/14 12:40pm 3/25/14 12:40pm

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has come out with an open letter extolling the virtues of net neutrality because, well duh. Also mentioned is how much Netflix really didn't want to sign a deal with the devil Comcast, but if everyone's favorite merger in process goes through, there might not be much of a choice going forward. … » 3/20/14 5:42pm 3/20/14 5:42pm

True Detective Finale Crashes HBO GO

Netflix must be really laughing its ass off right now, as everyone trying to watch the season finale of True Detective complain about HBO GO not being available. HBO GO has crashed—it's been deader than Rust Cohle's soul for the last three hours. » 3/09/14 11:13pm 3/09/14 11:13pm

TV Streaming Head-to-Head: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

One of the more annoying things about Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon's television streaming libraries is the vast difference between the selection available. It would be almost impossible to get a thorough idea of who has the better library without searching for hundreds of TV shows on each service and comparing them… » 3/04/14 4:43pm 3/04/14 4:43pm

New Netflix Phishing Scam Tricks You Into Calling Fake "Tech Support"

If the screen below has ever popped up as you were supposedly logging into Netflix, we've got some bad news for you. No, it's not your Netflix account—that's perfectly safe (at least for now). But if you followed the instructions on the screen, you've been duped by a new phishing scheme that seems so painfully obvious, … » 3/03/14 12:23pm 3/03/14 12:23pm

Auto-Pause When You Fall Asleep Is the Best Netflix Hack

Falling asleep while watching Netflix is the worst. Invariably you miss all the meat of whatever you're watching, and snap awake to the closing credits (or your morning alarm). Ugh. But a bunch of Netflix engineers have a (theoretical) solution: a Fitbit hack that pauses your stream when the wearable senses you've… » 2/28/14 10:34am 2/28/14 10:34am

Comcast-TWC Would Be a Monopoly, But That Probably Won't Stop It

The proposed $45.2 billion acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast—the nation's two largest cable and home Internet providers—has once again raised the specter of monopoly control over yet another American utility. Are these fears overblown? Nope! It's really that bad. » 2/26/14 12:20pm 2/26/14 12:20pm

How Comcast's Netflix Bullying Could Cost Us All

Earlier today, Comcast and Netflix announced that they'd reached an agreement to help end stuttery Netflix performance to Comcast subscribers. It's actually not a breech of net neutrality; it's a different flavor of trouble and it's going cost all of us. » 2/23/14 6:04pm 2/23/14 6:04pm

Netflix Agrees to Pay Comcast For Access to Its Broadband Network

In a landmark deal, Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for direct access to the company's broadband system. The announcement comes after months of dispute between Netflix and broadband providers about who should pay for increasing bandwidth loads. » 2/23/14 12:31pm 2/23/14 12:31pm

Netflix Quality Sucks Because ISPs Won't Bother Fixing It

Notice your Netflix has had a hell of a time streaming in good quality lately? That's because the companies that carry its traffic can't seem to agree who's supposed to shoulder the cost of passing it along, Ars Technica reports. » 2/21/14 4:47pm 2/21/14 4:47pm

You Can Burn Through Your Entire Broadband Data Cap in One Long Weekend

Between the surprising affordability of 4K TVs and Netflix and Amazon's commitment to delivering 4K content, the future is clearly ultra high-def. That's great. But it's also going to wreak havoc with your broadband data caps. Welcome to the age of the home internet overage fee. » 2/18/14 11:00am 2/18/14 11:00am

Bloomberg: TWC's Netflix Discussions Slow Thanks to Comcast Merger

In case you needed another reason to gripe about the recent Comcast takeover of Time Warner Cable, Bloomberg is now reporting that TWC's discussions with Netflix to host the streaming service on its set-top boxes have slowed. » 2/18/14 4:20am 2/18/14 4:20am

How Netflix Braces For the House of Cards Binge

Marketplace's Queena Kim was in Netflix's war room at the moment season 2 of House of Cards went live, getting a peek at how Netflix pulls off dropping an entire season of phenomenal television into our addled, impatient laps. Just thinking about that sudden rush of millions of fans clicking on the new season of HoC… » 2/15/14 5:00pm 2/15/14 5:00pm

How to Cut the Cord and Ditch Cable Once and For All

The imminent merger between Time Warner Cable and Comcast heralds the start of a new era: one of even more expensive channel bundles, and even longer waits for service. It's time to make like a rat and get the heck off this sinking ship of cable television. Here's how you can keep watching your favorite shows without… » 2/15/14 1:04pm 2/15/14 1:04pm