Trailer: Netflix's new food series Chef's Table looks deliciously epic 

Netflix teamed up with David Gelb, the creator of Jiro Dreams of Sushi, to tell the story of six world class chefs and showcase their kitchens and, drool, their food. The trailer plays up the series as something epic (all that music!) but looks like it's going to reveal an interesting story of see the life of… » 3/30/15 11:30pm Monday 11:30pm

HBO and Friends Want Their Own Pipes for Internet TV

Just when you thought the net neutrality debate had died down, a band of content providers now want special treatment. The Wall Street Journal reports that HBO, Sony, and Showtime are asking internet service providers to be treated as "managed" services. In other words, they want dedicated bandwidth for their video… » 3/19/15 5:28pm 3/19/15 5:28pm

You Can Now Control Your Chromecast With A Normal TV Remote

A Chromecast is just about the cheapest (and best) way to get Netflix onto your TV with minimum hassle, but one of the tradeoffs is that you have to control everything from your smartphone or laptop — which kinda sucks. But as of now, you can at least play and pause without poking a screen. » 3/16/15 10:00pm 3/16/15 10:00pm

Two-Fifths of American Households Now Use Video Streaming Services

A new report by the media measurement organization Nielsen reveals that more than two-in-five American households now subscribe to an online video streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. » 3/12/15 6:20am 3/12/15 6:20am

Netflix on an NES Is the Best Worst Way to Watch Netflix

There's no reason you would ever need to rig up an NES to run Netflix. Which is why it's so great that these two delightfully insane Netflix engineers did it for us. Because at long last, we can finally see the House of Cards intro in all the horrific, 8-bit glory absolutely no one ever intended. » 3/10/15 2:30pm 3/10/15 2:30pm

Movie Theaters Won't Let You See Idris Elba's New Movie, Because Netflix

Everyone's best friend, Netflix, has a problem. The big bad movie theaters of America refuse to screen the upcoming Idris Elba movie Beasts of No Nation—because Netflix owns it. Now we all have a problem, because we need as much Idris Elba on 30-foot silver screens as possible. » 3/04/15 2:30pm 3/04/15 2:30pm

Netflix Is Resurrecting Inspector Gadget

Du nuh nuh nuh nuh, Inspector Gadget is coming to Netflix. The absolutely amazing 80s gadget adventure show is being resurrected in CGI form along with the amazing 80s spy show Danger Mouse and three other kids' shows. The best part? This is happening very soon. Inspector Gadget premieres on March 27. » 2/25/15 7:15pm 2/25/15 7:15pm

Cable Channels Speed Up Shows to Squeeze in Extra Commercials

At some point, you've probably noticed a joke or two cut from a beloved movie or sitcom rerun—for those watching cable, at least. The reason being commercials and capitalism and America, etc.. But cable channels do more than just chopping. They are speeding up the very shows themselves. » 2/19/15 1:56pm 2/19/15 1:56pm

Find Your Next Netflix Binge-Watch With FlickSurfer

Why choose what you are going to watch next when you can let the algorithms decide for you? The question is, which recommendation engine are you going to trust? The built-in tips served up by iTunes, Spotify et al aren't quite as robust as they could be, and sometimes you want something a little more advanced.… » 2/19/15 9:41am 2/19/15 9:41am

House of Cards Season 3 Just Showed Up on Netflix For One Magical Moment

ARGH! House of Cards season 3 was up on Netflix for a few tantalizing moments. The new season of the Kevin Spacey vehicle is supposed to drop on February 27th. But something happened and it was live today. We were watching House of Cards! And then just as quickly as it was live, it was down. All life is woe. » 2/11/15 4:55pm 2/11/15 4:55pm

Does Binge-Watching Netflix Mean You're Depressed?

The way we consume television changed with the introduction of online streaming. Before, maybe a favorite show would run a marathon now and then, and there was always a chance you'd turn off the TV because"nothing good was on." Now, with almost any series on demand whenever you want, psychologists are becoming… » 2/08/15 9:30am 2/08/15 9:30am

Report: Netflix Making Legend of Zelda TV Series

Marriott has told Bloomberg that it's trialling streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora in the rooms of eight of its hotels—though it's not clear how much it will will cost or when it will roll out more widely. » 1/20/15 3:34am 1/20/15 3:34am

Watch the House of Cards Season 3 Trailer

The third season of House of Cards will be out on February 27th, and Netflix has just released the first trailer. Things look to be getting... tense. » 1/12/15 3:27am 1/12/15 3:27am

Wet Hot American Summer Is The Latest Classic To Get A Netflix Reboot

After Netflix's reboot of Arrested Development went down pretty damn well, its sights have turned to the next obvious candidate for the same treatment: cult satire classic Wet Hot American Summer. » 1/10/15 8:00pm 1/10/15 8:00pm

Future Roku Devices Will Stream Netflix in 4K

With 4K slowly but surely making its way to the mainstream, it was only a matter of time before the Ultra HD format hit Roku—perhaps the most promising streaming device on the market. Now, not only will Roku be hooking up with Netflix to start streaming in 4K, but it'll be teaming up with Best Buy's Insignia and Haier… » 1/04/15 5:02pm 1/04/15 5:02pm

It Looks Like Netflix Is Cracking Down On VPN 'Pirating' 

It's one of the internet's open secrets that if you don't live in the US, but wish you did because of the better Netflix offerings, you can use any number of Chrome extensions or VPNs to get around the geo-blocker. However, it looks like the free ride might be coming to an end, as Netflix is starting to crack down on… » 1/03/15 3:35pm 1/03/15 3:35pm

The One Where You Watch Every Episode of Friends

Still trying to figure out your New Year's resolution? Here's an easy one: cement a giant chunk of pop culture into your psyche by finally watching every last episode of Friends. Starting today, you can stream the entire 10-season series from Netflix. » 1/01/15 8:00pm 1/01/15 8:00pm

The 25 Best Movies Disappearing From Netflix Tonight

At the stroke of midnight—or somewhere around then—tonight, while you're sloppily waving goodbye to 2014, dozens of movies will disappear from Netflix streaming. The good news is, you've got plenty of time to get to plow through them before The Great Vanishing. Here's a list of the very best that won't make it to 2015. » 12/31/14 11:36am 12/31/14 11:36am

Netflix Will Destroy New Year's Eve for Children with Fake Countdown 

It used to be the only way to trick children into falling asleep before the shiny ball on TV lowered at midnight on New Year's Eve was to find a ball drop in a different time zone or record one from a previous year and hope no one noticed. But 2015 is a year of wide-ranging possibilities! Netflix has devised a new way… » 12/29/14 11:41am 12/29/14 11:41am