Netflix DVD Shipments Are Decreasing for the First Time

Netflix has announced that they made a ton of money this quarter, sure. But they also let it be known that for the first time in the company's history, year over year DVD shipments had actually declined. Which is pretty much exactly what they want to happen. All those past shipping costs add up compared to streaming… » 4/26/11 5:23pm 4/26/11 5:23pm

Do You Suffer from Netflix Streaming Syndrome?

As technology marches on, it brings with it a whole new set of maladies. Just as keyboards have given rise to carpal tunnel syndrome, another innovation has created an ailment just as awful. Let us warn you about Netflix Streaming Syndrome. » 4/25/11 10:20am 4/25/11 10:20am

Netflix Nabs Exclusive Streaming Rights to Mad Men Reruns

Netflix and Lionsgate TV have agreed on a deal for the streaming rights of arguably the best show on TV. The deal covers all seven seasons at about $1 million an episode. The first four seasons start streaming July 27. [Variety] » 4/05/11 7:10pm 4/05/11 7:10pm

Netflix Streaming-Only Plan Is Here! Oh, And Your DVD Plan Got Pricier

Netflix had teased a streaming-only plan for the US, but they've finally followed through in time for a long winter of Watch Instantly downloads. It's costs $8, with nearly all DVD-based plans seeing a price hike. Here's how much: » 11/22/10 9:01am 11/22/10 9:01am

Netflix Search Coming To Xbox 360 In November

Finally! You'll be able to search the entire Netflix Watch Instantly Library on your Xbox 360 this November. Which basically means you'll be able to find that one episode of Arrested Development where George Bluth Sr. teaches his kids life lessons by hiring a one-armed man—and add it to your Netflix queue—without… » 6/14/10 5:05pm 6/14/10 5:05pm

Netflix's Plans for the Future

In three words: Stay the course. A recent presentation reveals that Netflix won't be sidetracked by distributing anything but movies and TV shows (news and sports are out) on more devices while expanding their streaming library is priority one. [BusinessInsider] » 6/04/10 10:16am 6/04/10 10:16am

Netflix Delays Fox and Universal Releases, Too

Last January, Netflix agreed to delay the rental of new release Warner Bros. films by 28 days in exchange for more streaming properties. Now, Fox and Universal have signed similar agreements. What do we get out of the deal? Buffy! » 4/09/10 9:43am 4/09/10 9:43am

Netflix Streaming Coming to Another Mystery Device Soon

In yesterday's earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings revealed that streaming would soon arrive on a mystery device with a "material installed base." Hey, Reed, could you do me a favor? Please make it the PS3. » 10/24/09 4:00pm 10/24/09 4:00pm

Netflix Instant Streaming Coming to Windows Media Center on Your PC

For Windows Vista users, more than 12,000 movie titles and television episodes are now available to be streamed onto your PC, and watched instantly via Netflix through Windows Media Center. » 5/20/09 12:01am 5/20/09 12:01am

Netflix Job Posting Hints At Expansion To PS3 and Wii

It's certainly not a confirmation by any means, but a recent job posting from Netflix seeks an experienced engineer for "developing and testing media rich applications on current generation gaming consoles." » 4/13/09 5:37pm 4/13/09 5:37pm

LG Broadband HDTVs Will Be First To Bundle Netflix Streaming, At a…

To borrow a sentiment from Hershey, there's no wrong way to watch some Netflix. With a veritable slew of other viewing options, built-in capability for TVs was inevitable. So here it comes, courtesy of LG. » 1/05/09 5:10am 1/05/09 5:10am

Netflix Available on Tivo NOW!

Dooooooods! Not only can you order pizza and carry on a technosexual relationship with your Tivo, but as of today, you can watch Netflix on it. I'm never leaving the house again...ever. » 12/08/08 12:01am 12/08/08 12:01am

Netflix Roku Streaming Box Suffering From Serious Video Quality Issues

Based a a number of complaints posted on the Roku customer forum, it appears that their little $99 Netflix streaming device has spontaneously suffered from a serious drop in video quality. » 12/03/08 7:00pm 12/03/08 7:00pm

Firmware Update For Netflix HD Streaming on Samsung BD Players…

Just as planned, Samsung has loosed a firmware upgrade (version 2.1) for its BD-P2500 and BD-P2550 Blu-ray decks that now supports Netflix streaming in glorious 720p. Go grab it now. [Thanks, Ari!] » 12/03/08 11:55am 12/03/08 11:55am

Most Sony Movies Back On Xbox's Netflix Streaming Service

With nary an explanation, most of the Sony-owned movies that were mysteriously pulled from Xbox's Netflix Watch Instantly streaming service last week » 11/26/08 12:01am 11/26/08 12:01am have been put back up again. , the series and other Columbia Pictures luminaries can now be downloaded for watching. However, anything tagged with an “available…

Blockbuster MediaPoint Set-Top Box Out Now For $99

Seems like the threat of Netflix partnering up with everyone for TV downloading services has spurred Blockbuster into action. The video rental chain has finally confirmed rumors that it'll launch its own set-top box » 11/24/08 11:30pm 11/24/08 11:30pm before the end of the year. For a “limited time,” their 2Wire-built MediaPoint player will be free and…

Netflix No Longer Selling Used DVDs

Netflix has decided to discontinue the sale of used DVDs through their website in order to focus on their core rental business. Starting on November 30th, all of their previously viewed overstock will be passed to a wholesaler—effectively adding a middleman. I suppose it doesn't seem to make much sense, but selling… » 11/04/08 11:30am 11/04/08 11:30am

Netflix HD Streaming Coming to the Roku Box by Year's End

Roku's lovely $99 Netflix Streaming box » 11/03/08 6:22am 11/03/08 6:22am, equipped with HDMI and optical outputs from day one, is getting Netflix HD streaming support by "the end of the year," according to the company. With the software update users can expect access to Netflix's entire HD library, an HD-specific, upsampled interface and "another…

Xbox 360 Netflix HD Won't Work On Non-HDCP Digital Connections, But…

Microsoft and Netflix are requiring that users of their swell little HD streaming service » 10/30/08 9:20am 10/30/08 9:20am are connected to HDCP-compatible display. This potentially limits access for people who connect to older LCD screens via DVI. []