iPhone Tethering Delayed Because AT&T Is Afraid?

A few months ago we ran a rumor » 10/23/08 1:59pm 10/23/08 1:59pm in which Steve Jobs had written a reader promising that Apple was working on iPhone tethering for 3G laptop browsing. Now, according to a , a reliable source from inside AT&T has informed them that iPhone tethering is being delayed because AT&T isn't prepared to meet the 3G demand.…

Getting a Refund from the App Store Is Basically Impossible

NetShare isn't going to be allowed back into the App Store anytime soon, by the looks of it, because it violates AT&T's terms of service. Which means that even if you were lucky enough to snag it, using it runs the risk of getting your account zapped by AT&T. So it's reasonable to want your ten bucks back-you've got an… » 8/11/08 4:20pm 8/11/08 4:20pm

Why Netshare Is Probably Not Coming Back to the App Store

After Netshare was pulled for the second time » 8/08/08 9:15pm 8/08/08 9:15pm from the App Store, there was a it might return after the developer finally got in touch with Apple. Enter : "Plans (unless specifically designated for tethering usage) cannot be used for any applications that tether the device...to Personal Computers (including without…

Apple Can Remotely Disable Apps Installed on Your iPhone

By now, we're well aware that Apple can make apps vanish without a trace (or explanation) from the App Store. But Jonathan Zdziarsi, the author of iPhone Forensics, says that Apple can actually remotely disable apps installed on your iPhone. Apparently, there's a blacklist URL in the iPhone's OS that he says "suggests… » 8/06/08 6:15pm 8/06/08 6:15pm

How To Tether Your iPhone With NetShare

We've been covering NetShare a lot the last couple of days, and with good reason: Apple consciously left the ability to tether out of the iPhone, yet for some reason has no problem letting someone else sell an app that does just that. Some users, though, might find the concept of tethering confusing, or at least… » 8/04/08 6:00am 8/04/08 6:00am

NetShare Pulled From iPhone App Store (Again)

We've been wondering how the people behind NetShare get their app approved by Apple for the iPhone App Store. It adds the ability to tether your laptop to your iPhone, using the handset's 3G modem as your laptop's own, meaning you can go pretty much anywhere you can find a decent signal and have full Internet access on … » 8/02/08 12:00am 8/02/08 12:00am

NetShare iPhone Connection Sharing App Back Up

The NetShare App is back up on the iTunes App Store, only about 13 hours after it was unceremoniously pulled and replaced with a "not available in the US Store" message. What's the deal here? Was it approved, then unapproved, then approved again? Oddness. [App Store - Thanks Brenden!] » 8/01/08 2:41pm 8/01/08 2:41pm

iPhone Apps We Love: NetShare - Share Your 3G/EDGE Connection With…

NetShare is one app we never thought would make it onto the official iPhone App Store. All it does is set up a SOCKS5 proxy for you to get your laptop/computer online through use of the 3G/EDGE connection. Does it work? Yes. Yes it does, much to our surprise. EDGE works just fine, although Mahoney says it's slow as… » 7/31/08 8:53pm 7/31/08 8:53pm