How To Choose the Best Network Storage for a Mac/PC Home

Network-attached storage options are more abundant than ever, but jumping into the copious bush of NAS can be quite a task, especially if you want a system that plays nice with both PC and Mac. Macs have historically been an unreasonably complex challenge for many networking products, and NAS was no exception. Here… »10/23/08 12:00pm10/23/08 12:00pm

Sony Introduces HDMS-S1D, an 80GB Networked Digital Photo Album

Sony appears to be making a consumer-server play, introducing the $400 80GB HDMS-S1D "photo album" for the high-def enjoyment of up to 50,000 still images. You can import photos via Memory Stick slot—but also SD, CF and xD! (Way to go, Sony!) You can connect the HDMS-S1D to your TV via HDMI, and navigate slideshows… »10/17/07 9:00pm10/17/07 9:00pm

Iomega Launches "Affordable" 320GB and 500GB Home Network Hard Drives

This morning, Iomega pushes hard to make network-attached storage more common in the home by launching a couple of Ethernet-equipped drives that are priced close to their USB-only siblings. There's a 320GB drive that lists for $149, and a 500GB drive going for $199. (A 360GB version should be available next month for… »8/27/07 6:30am8/27/07 6:30am

Newertech's miniStack NAS Brings Network Storage on the Cheap

With the Mac Mini-styled exterior, the miniStack NAS from Newertech lets you share up to 750GB of your junk over the network with other computers. It's got a USB 2.0 port, a 10/100 Ethernet port and the ability to service up to 20 simultaneous PC or Mac users. All this for a low price of $79 for an empty add-your-own… »8/14/07 6:20pm8/14/07 6:20pm

Buffalo 3TB TeraStation Stores the World, Plays Nice on the Network

Time marches on, drives get bigger, and Buffalo rolls out another TeraStation network attached storage (NAS) system, and now it's called the TeraStation Pro and inches up to 3TB. Last time we looked, Buffalo's biggest dick was 2TB long, and ran a cool $1999. Fast forward 10 months, and this 3TB model is $2183. Not too… »2/15/07 8:05am2/15/07 8:05am

Planex BitTorrent-Friendly Network Attached Storage Now at 750 Gigs

Planex has increased the max capacity of its NAS-01G network attached storage from 500 gigs to 750 gigs. The NAS supports BitTorrent downloads but isn't wireless; you'll have to make do with plain ol' Gigabit Ethernet. It also works with pretty much every protocol ever invented for use on the Internet, including the… »2/09/07 12:20pm2/09/07 12:20pm