IOGEAR PCPortal Lets You Remotely Control Your Parents' Computer via Hardware KVM

Remotely connecting to your parents' computer to show them how to send email or file their taxes is fine if everything's working correctly, but how about when there's some sort of hardware or operating system error? IOGear's PCPortal actually bypasses the issue entirely by being a hardware solution that hooks directly… »3/11/08 3:00pm3/11/08 3:00pm

ONELink Wireless, Networked, Talking Smoke Alarms Tell You When to Get the Hell Out

If you are ever confronted with a fire or carbon monoxide situation in your home, it goes without saying that you would want an alarm that will give you the best chance to escape. That having been said, the ONELink system from First Alert does just about everything outside of physically carrying you out of the… »2/29/08 7:00pm2/29/08 7:00pm

Neighbor-Networked Christmas Lights Are Four Shades of Awesome

Whatever Christmas light scheme your dad cooked up as a kid most likely pales in comparison to these four Canadian families, who connected their Xmas lights together in a network-choreographed way. As you can see in the video, the lights go off according to pre-programmed timers (like the water fountains at the… »12/17/07 5:10pm12/17/07 5:10pm