Are You As Excited to Wear Animatronic Cat Ears as I Am?

The Neccomimi ears—an animatronic headband controlled through the power of your mind—that we first covered last year are finally coming to America! Designed and built by Neurowear, a Japanese fashion electronics company, the ears respond to their wearers emotions, perking up and flopping over depend on your mood.… »6/30/12 1:00am6/30/12 1:00am

Cat Ears Pick Up on Brainwaves and Act as Furry Mood Rings For Those Around You

Of course these cat ears come from Japan, and of course they'll be on sale soon. Neurowear's Necomimi ears sit on a hairband (though don't let that put you off, guys!) and have sensors inbuilt for detecting brainwaves. Depending on the signals decoded by the sensors, the ears can twitch, wriggle or even flop down,… »5/05/11 11:00am5/05/11 11:00am