RIP Oliver Sacks: 7 Must-Read Books and Stories About Our Beautiful Brains

In the past day you may have seen the internet lighting up with appreciations for the writer and neurologist Oliver Sacks. He died yesterday at age 82, leaving behind a lifetime of illuminating writing that helped us to understand our own brains as beautiful, imperfect machines. Here are a few of our favorite books… »8/31/15 6:40pmMonday 6:40pm

Scientists Find Striking Similarities Between Human and Dog Brains

It's funny watching dogs do human things. It's funny to watch them drive cars. It's funny to watch them sit in chairs. But, seriously, new research shows that dogs actually are just like us. At least they are when it comes to processing voices and emotion—and, now, we've got the brain scans to prove it. »2/20/14 4:20pm2/20/14 4:20pm

Internet Commenter Syndrome: This Woman Can Write But Can't Read

One fateful Thursday morning, a kindergarten teacher and reading specialist—known only as M.P. for the sake of anonymity—found that the same attendance sheet she'd been using for years suddenly appeared to be covered in hieroglyphs. Not only that, she quickly realized that everything she logically knew to be covered… »1/07/14 6:40pm1/07/14 6:40pm

Scientists Just Built the Most Detailed 3D Brain Map in History

The human brain is an insanely complex organic computer, and though it still has plenty of secrets, we're now a little bit closer to figuring it all out. Building on a decade of research, an international team of neuroscientists have just put the final touches on the most sophisticated 3D map of the human brain that… »6/20/13 3:49pm6/20/13 3:49pm

Microsoft's Kinect Can See Inside Your Skull With Its Almost X-Ray Vision

Kinect's potential for gaming might not have been thaaaat great, but its applications for other things, like cheating at pool and medicine, have been pretty impressive. The team at Microsoft Research Cambridge, for instance, have rigged one up to peek inside skulls and look at brains with kindasorta x-ray vision. »3/09/13 6:00pm3/09/13 6:00pm