Infertile Worms May Be Immune to Brain Deterioration

Worms infected by bacteria often start showing signs of serious nerve damage in the brain. If a worm happens to be infertile, it can weather an infection without damage to its neurons. Scientists hope that figuring out why infertility and resistance to nerve damage are linked might help us someday fight human diseases… »11/24/15 4:05pm11/24/15 4:05pm

Those All-Nighters You Pull May Not Be as Harmless as You Think

As you put the finishing touches on your paper, you notice the sun rising and fantasize about crawling in bed. Your vision and hearing are beginning to distort and the words staring back at you from the monitor have lost their meaning. Your brain … well, feels like mush. We’ve all been there. That debilitating brain… »9/30/15 7:15am9/30/15 7:15am

Here's the Exact Way That the Ice Bucket Challenge Helped ALS Research

Last year’s hugely popular “ice bucket challenge” saw celebrities pouring buckets of ice water over their heads to help fight Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). Skeptics dismissed it as mere “slacktivism,” but researchers told us that the money led directly to a scientific breakthrough. Can slacktivism actually work? »9/16/15 1:20pm9/16/15 1:20pm