Control Cellphones With Your Brain Using the NeuroSky Sensor

In case you've ever wanted to dabble in telepathy, NeuroSky Inc. has prototyped a new sensor that lets you control your cellphone with brainwaves. Based on similar medical technology, the system can roughly measure brain relaxation and concentration to pass on appropriate commands to a cellphone. Though the system is… »9/19/08 1:10am9/19/08 1:10am

Sega and NeuroSky Working Together on Mind-Controlled Toys

Apparently a second coming of the Dreamcast was a little too much for Sega to handle, but getting into the mind-controlled toy business is right up their alley. According to a recent announcement, Sega will be teaming up with NeuroSky —a company that specializes in bio-sensor and signal processing systems, to develop… »12/11/07 6:50pm12/11/07 6:50pm