Haier's Brain-Controlled TV Doesn't Actually Control Anything

On the floor of CES, tucked away in Haier's booth is a TV set advertising BRAIN CONTROL. I was immediately intrigued. Could I think about wanting to watch the latest episode of Teen Mom and have it automatically flash on screen? I had to find out. » 1/11/12 6:51pm 1/11/12 6:51pm

Neurosky Mindset Hands-on: Brainwave Gameplay!

The technology behind Neurosky's Mindset is essentially the same that was peddled around last year at trade shows. The only difference now is that it's ready for PC gaming consumption starting in July. » 3/25/09 4:59pm 3/25/09 4:59pm

Control Cellphones With Your Brain Using the NeuroSky Sensor

In case you've ever wanted to dabble in telepathy, NeuroSky Inc. has prototyped a new sensor that lets you control your cellphone with brainwaves. Based on similar medical technology, the system can roughly measure brain relaxation and concentration to pass on appropriate commands to a cellphone. Though the system is… » 9/19/08 1:10am 9/19/08 1:10am

Sega and NeuroSky Working Together on Mind-Controlled Toys

Apparently a second coming of the Dreamcast was a little too much for Sega to handle, but getting into the mind-controlled toy business is right up their alley. According to a recent announcement, Sega will be teaming up with NeuroSky —a company that specializes in bio-sensor and signal processing systems, to develop… » 12/11/07 6:50pm 12/11/07 6:50pm