America Used to Give Out Weird Participation Awards for Nuclear Tests

Remember when you were a kid and you got a “participation award” for just showing up to your soccer games? Well, the US government had a similar certificate that it’d hand out. As you can imagine, it was for something a bit more serious: Nuclear tests during the Cold War. » 7/14/15 12:47pm 7/14/15 12:47pm

First Drone Launches at FAA Test Site in Nevada, Crashes Immediately

Friday was a big day at the drone testing facility in Boulder City, Nevada. It was the day that the first drone authorized to fly without FAA approval would take to the air. The bright orange unmanned aircraft, Magpie, did just that—and then it crashed to the ground in an embarrassing cloud of dust two seconds later. » 12/20/14 3:00pm 12/20/14 3:00pm