Dark Avengers

Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn)
The villain of the piece, and former Green Goblin, Norman Osborn has already returned from the dead once to pursue ever-more-ridiculous plans for power, political and otherwise.
Is he marked for death this week? No way; there're two more issues after this week's, and I don't even think…

Mighty Avengers

Amadeus Cho
The seventh (or maybe eighth, depending who's around that week) smartest person in the Marvel Universe, this genius kid has a gift for making connections where others don't and getting into trouble.
Is he marked for death this week? I doubt it; he's not important enough to most people for his death to…

New Avengers

Captain America (Steve Rogers)
Marvel's most famous patriot, the man who socked Hitler in the jaw and whose return signaled the end of Marvel's Dark Reign.
Is he marked for death this week? In that he's literally just finished a series called Reborn where he came back from the (assumed) dead, of course not.