Sprint and Clearwire Marriage Official: WiMax Network Branded "Clear"

The Sprint/Clearwire joint WiMax venture announced back in July is a done deal, as is the $3.2 billion investmentfrom Intel, Google and others. The WiMax network will branded Clear, replacing the stupid Xohm moniker. » 12/01/08 2:15pm 12/01/08 2:15pm

AT&T Tries to Kill WiMax

Would you kick a crippled person just as they were standing on their feet, about to walk for the first time in years? AT&T would! Against all odds » 7/28/08 12:10pm 7/28/08 12:10pm, WiMax just might make it, pending . So AT&T filed with a petition with the FCC to block it. The rationale behind AT&T's petition is basically that the deal requires more…

Sprint WiMax Launches Commercially in September

After countless false starts, delays, death and rebirth, Sprint's WiMax is finally launching commercially in September. Baltimore is the first city to get it, with a rollout in Washington, DC and Chicago by the end of the year-all current test markets for the service. Sprint's promising 2-4Mbps per user. In making the… » 6/18/08 9:18pm 6/18/08 9:18pm

Sprint and Clearwire Promise WiMax Will Be Totally Open, Can Replace…

In its filing to the FCC oh-so-politely asking for the okay to merge Sprint's and Clearwire's spectrum assets into the WiMax monolith New Clearwire (helpfully poked through by Ars), they make a lot of groovy promises to stoke the FCC's approval stamp into action. Like it'll be totally open: "New Clearwire will permit… » 6/12/08 8:40pm 6/12/08 8:40pm