iPod Classic Gets 120GB Boost For $250, 160GB Discontinued

The iPod classic looks like it's getting the runt's end of the "Let's Rock" magic wand today-with boosted storage to 120GB for $250, up from 80GB for the same price. And it's death for the 160GB thickie, matching the Zune's lineup to a tee. Same form factor and colors as last time. Now, the largest iPod money can… »9/09/08 1:17pm9/09/08 1:17pm

Last Minute Apple Leaks on New iPod Nano, Shuffle, Classic and Touch?

AppleInsider »9/09/08 9:21am9/09/08 9:21am claims to have two independent sources confirming identical information about upcoming Apple iPod refreshes. The biggest overhaul appears to be on the iPod nano, which would explain we've seen on the device. It will come in nine colors and be the first non-touch iPod to support a motion/orientation…