MacBook Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter Costs $100, Won't Ship for a Month

Let the bitching about the Mini DisplayPort output on the new MacBooks begin (or just get louder): Not only does the official Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter that'll let you hook them up to a giant monitor cost $100, the Apple Store says it's not shipping for at least four weeks. Meaning if you were… »10/15/08 9:00pm10/15/08 9:00pm


New MacBooks Will Totally Tell Mom If You Take Them Swimming

The new MacBook and MacBook Pro don't just want to impress you with their fancy new fabrication techniques, unibody designs and bolstered performance: they want to make you more honest »10/15/08 5:38am10/15/08 5:38am, at least when it comes to reporting water damage. According to the service manuals, the new line of MacBooks include submersion…

MacBook Post-Mortem Rumor Review: Hindsight is 20/20

If today's Apple Event, like last time »10/14/08 6:24pm10/14/08 6:24pm, left a little taste of letdown in the mouths of the fervent, the reason why is now clear: we knew every detail of every announcement before Jobs could even prime the cylinders of the Apple Event Reality Distortion Field generator, yet alone fire it up. Some surfaced in the last…

Apple's BrickBook MacBook Event: 10 AM PST, October 14

We're here at Cupertino to bring you the full blow-by-blow of today's Apple MacBook Event. Keep up with our liveblog at It'll automatically refresh for you, but if the system just isn't fast enough then F5 to your heart's content. After all, you never know when John Mayer could show up. Oh, and there… »10/13/08 1:39pm10/13/08 1:39pm