How a Porsche, a Meteorite, and $4 Million in Gold Ended Up In a Museum

It’s not uncommon to see $4 million worth of art in a museum. It’s less common to see $4 million worth of solid gold bricks in a museum. It’s called Tower of Power, and it will require a 24/7 security guard as long as it remains at the New Museum as part of a retrospective on its maker, the artist Chris Burden. » 10/02/13 11:00am 10/02/13 11:00am

Every Museum Should Have a Flying RC Sailboat as a Sign

The minimal facade of The New Museum has been host to some wild installations since it opened in 2007—ranging from a sign reading "HELL, YES!" to a giant long-stemmed rose. Today, workers finished installing the museum's latest outdoor sculpture: A 30-foot-high remote controlled ship by artist Chris Burden. » 9/21/13 9:00pm 9/21/13 9:00pm

A Gift Shop Devoted Entirely to Privacy-Protecting Stealth Gear

From typefaces that confuse robots to systems that can (allegedly) detect drones near your home, products that claim to protect you from the prying eyes of Big Brother are all the rage right now. Even art museums are getting in on the action—like the New Museum, which just opened its own Privacy Gift Shop. » 9/03/13 9:21am 9/03/13 9:21am

Gizmodo and Adhocracy: A Night of Great Conversation at the New Museum

Over the past year, we've thrown a brisket party, a Faux Loko party, and a planetarium party. And on Friday, after we announced some very big news about our new Editor in Chief and the addition of Architizer to our Kinja universe, we added another unusual party to our list: a dinner in the Skyroom of the New Museum » 5/19/13 6:00pm 5/19/13 6:00pm

Here's How To Get Your Dick In a Museum

Your dick just might be the next star of the art world, and this month is its chance to make its artistic debut. You just have to sext a photo to artist Karen Finley to use in her upcoming installation "Sext Me if You Can" at New York City's New Museum. » 5/01/13 1:18pm 5/01/13 1:18pm

Is That a Sewing Machine or Bicycle Making Those Bicycle Caps?

In this slightly hipster-ish tale of a sewing machine and bike falling in love and making sweet harmonious love in the shape of bicycle caps, a shop window was turned into a mini-sweatshop for cap creation. » 5/27/11 5:00am 5/27/11 5:00am