Hands On: Sony's New PRS-700 Touchscreen Reader

Sony brought out a new Reader tonight in NYC that adds a six-inch touchscreen to the e-ink e-reader for adding notes and annotations, as well as a redesigned case and built-in frontlight. With the touchscreen readers can enter text with a stylus on a full-screen QWERTY keyboard to add notes and annotations, search… » 10/02/08 7:18pm 10/02/08 7:18pm

Sony to Drop New Reader Hardware in October?

If this press event invite is any indication, that's the way things are looking. The date is set for October 2, and it all goes down at the Bookmark Lounge » 9/09/08 9:40am 9/09/08 9:40am of the here in New York. Hmm, there couldn't be any book connotation to all of that, could there? On this , it seems like Sony's jumping into the fray as well to…