Glove Input Device For Keyboards Can Also Control Your iPod

Last week at the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Boston, UC Irving researcher Carsten Mehring showed off a new kind of remote control for the iPod that allows users to control the device with finger movements. Actions like skipping tracks and adjusting the volume can be performed wirelessly by… »10/17/07 7:20pm10/17/07 7:20pm


Gadget Use Compromises Your Security Says The Washington Post

The Washington Post is running a front page article today on the perils of letting gadgets take over your life. The article predicts doom and gloom for a society that has become too reliant on scary-sounding technologies like RFID, GPS and Google. Data mining companies will use your Amazon shopping habits to tailor… »1/16/07 7:51am1/16/07 7:51am