This Is What The New Year Looked Like in 1957

A lot of things have changed in the past 56 years, but some things will always be pretty much the same. Take a look at this footage of Times Square on New Years Eve from 1957, for example. No one is carrying portable, cellular phones or updating their statuses on any so-called "networks of sociability", but they're… » 12/31/12 9:00pm 12/31/12 9:00pm

Oslo Celebrated New Year's Eve with More Fireworks Than You

This incredible photo was taken two minutes after midnight in Oslo, Norway. While some cities might set off fireworks from one location to celebrate the ringing in of 2008, the people in Oslo went crazy, setting off fireworks pretty much everywhere. But hey, when you're a city where spending over $10 on a beer is… » 1/02/08 11:05am 1/02/08 11:05am