Erin Brockovich: Cyanide, Industry Solvent May Be Cause of Rare Teen…

Erin Brockovich has already started an investigation of the causes for the rare syndrome that seems to be mysteriously spreading among New York State teens. She already has a prime suspect. » 1/26/12 6:11pm 1/26/12 6:11pm

Rare Syndrome Mysteriously Spreading Among New York State's Teens…

This is 16-year-old Lori Brownell. As you can see in the video, Lori is very sick. Her symptoms started last August. Nobody could diagnose her at the time, and since then 17 more kids have developed the same symptoms in the same geographical area. » 1/26/12 11:11am 1/26/12 11:11am

New York State's Official Insect Is Back From The Dead

We didn't realise New York State even had an official insect, and that's probably because it's been missing for 29 years. But now, the nine-spotted ladybug is back. » 11/25/11 9:00am 11/25/11 9:00am

New York Suing LCD Makers Over Price Fixing Concerns

New York State filed suit today against several of the largest LCD manufacturers, citing concerns of price fixing schemes. Those under scrutiny include Sharp, LG, Hitachi and Samsung—the latter being the most popular LCD brand in the country. » 8/06/10 4:02pm 8/06/10 4:02pm

NY Driver's License Embedded With RFID: Doubles as a Passport

New York is joining Washington State and North Carolina by offering motorists the option to purchase an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL) with an embedded RFID chip. The license will enable travelers to pass in and out of Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean without having to use a traditional passport. The DMV… » 9/17/08 11:50am 9/17/08 11:50am