Today's Paper Is the New York Times Online, Organized Like Print

The thing about newspapers is that you don't really need the newspaper to read the newspaper any more. The Internet! If you find reading online a little hollow for some intangible reason, you might like the New York Times' new web app, Today's Paper, which is organized like the New York Times in print. It's positively… » 12/05/13 10:46am 12/05/13 10:46am

Yup, the NYTimes and Twitter Outages Started With Simple Phishing

As we strongly suspected earlier, the hackers that briefly took over the Twitter and New York Times domains yesterday didn't use brute force or fancy hacks to get in. The LATimes reports that the Syrian Electronic Army used phishing emails to get username and password credentials for several employees Melbourne IT, the … » 8/28/13 3:47pm 8/28/13 3:47pm

SEA Hacks Continue With Takeover of NYT, Twitter Registrar Homepage

Melbourne IT, an Australian domain name registration, just got hijacked, apparently by the very busy Syrian Electronic Army. This shouldn't be a surprise since it's the same company that was implicated in Tuesday's New York Times and Twitter hacks. » 8/28/13 9:31am 8/28/13 9:31am

How the New York Times Is Still Publishing Despite Being Hacked… went dark for the second time in a month on Tuesday afternoon, but that doesn't mean the newspaper will stop publishing. Bypassing the DNS, The Times is continuing to publish stories under its bare IP address. And the reporters are continuing to write. » 8/27/13 5:02pm 8/27/13 5:02pm

Google Glass Will Work with Apps Like the New York Times, Path and More

Google showed off some new features of Google Glass at SXSW and they can be quite useful. For example, the New York Times will be integrated with Google Glass so you'll see pop up notifications of breaking news by tiling your head a certain way. You can even peep pictures, headlines or have Google Glass read the news… » 3/11/13 7:01pm 3/11/13 7:01pm

Two Years Later, The New York Times Closes Its Paywall's Most Gaping…

As soon as The New York Times first hit us with its paywall back in 2011, industrious little news fiends all over the Internet began looking for ways to get around it—and it didn't take long. One of the simplest and most bafflingly long-lasting holes in The Times' paywall simply required you to delete a few characters… » 2/12/13 11:28am 2/12/13 11:28am

Rupert Murdoch Admits the WSJ Is Still Being Hacked

If you thought the Wall Street Journal only announced that it had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers once the debacle was over—think again. Rupert Murdoch has tweeted that the newspaper is still coming under sustained attack. » 2/06/13 3:31am 2/06/13 3:31am

Your Ancient Internet Explorer Is Wasting Everyone's Time and Money

The NYTimes' spectacular multimedia feature "Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek," is incredible. The elegant design and tasteful extras only contribute to the gripping narrative. It's everything we've been promised about the journalism of the future. But if you're looking at it on Internet Explorer 8, you're doing… » 1/02/13 3:20pm 1/02/13 3:20pm

All the NYT's Content Will Be Available on Flipboard From Thursday

Flipboard—the social reading app which is no longer confined to iOS—has just announced that New York Times subscribers will be able to read all the paper's content through the app, on any platform, from this Thursday. That's a big deal for the Times, Flipboard and readers alike. » 6/25/12 7:09am 6/25/12 7:09am