Scientists Will Drill Directly Into a Fault Overdue For an Earthquake

The Alpine fault is the most dangerous fault in New Zealand—and one of the most dangerous in the world. It ruptures with an 8.0-magnitude earthquake roughly once every 300 years, and with the last one in 1717, it's ripe for another. So what are we going to do about it? Why, drill a hole nearly a mile deep into it. »10/07/14 10:53am10/07/14 10:53am

This beautiful starry sky is a cave full of glowworms in New Zealand

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day features an amazing photo by Phill Round. It looks like a frame from a Spielberg movie—an humanoid figure appearing at the base of a mountain, with the unknown starry sky of an alien world behind it. In reality, it's a man getting into New Zealand's Hollow Hill Cave. »8/30/14 10:20am8/30/14 10:20am

Putting 900 Pounds of Explosives Below an Abandoned Suburb For Science

It's not every day that the average person gets to blow something up at their job. Even rarer: Getting to blow up the neighborhood where you used to live. But as Next City reports today, that's exactly what happened to the last remaining resident of an abandoned suburb that served as the testing ground for an… »8/08/14 2:32pm8/08/14 2:32pm

The untouched natural beauty of New Zealand is like a magical world

I'm one of those horrible humans who take nature for granted and recharge myself through indoor fluorescent lighting. I like walking city streets, I like going into city bars and I like eating city food. Feeling tires screech, hearing sirens wail, coming across unexplainable damp spots, that's all what I'm used to.… »1/15/14 9:46pm1/15/14 9:46pm

The Bestest Friends Ever Filled a Guy's Entire Home Plumbing with Beer

Friends don't get better than this. They could always have your back, they could be your groomsmen at your wedding, hell they could even give a kidney to you and they won't ever beat these guys who pranked their friend by replacing his entire home plumbing system with beer. As in every faucet would spew out sweet… »9/17/13 8:37pm9/17/13 8:37pm

This Modern Home Frames the Winery Around It With Weathered Steel

Houses like the Cloudy Bay Shack in Marlborough, New Zealand, make you wonder why anyone would ever choose to live in an apartment (besides, you know, money). This house has everything: lovely rural scenery, a brilliant layout and a bold modern aesthetic. And though those two things might not normally jibe, they… »8/26/13 5:20pm8/26/13 5:20pm

New Zealand Transformer Coins Feature Heros We Actually Care About

For some reason the governments of the world think their constituents want to see images of political leaders and royalty. And while famous presidents like Abraham Lincoln certainly deserve recognition, New Zealand has decided to honor a couple of heros that are probably a lot closer to all of our hearts: Optimus… »2/06/13 2:20pm2/06/13 2:20pm