Add 3TB To Your Storage Hoard for Just $80

We've seen a number of good hard drive deals in the run-up to Black Friday, but today's is a doozy. Newegg is currently offering a 3TB Seagate on their eBay store for just $80. That would be a pretty good price for a 2TB drive, so if you need the space, I wouldn't hesitate to pick this one up. [Seagate 3TB External » 11/08/14 7:18pm 11/08/14 7:18pm

All the Black Friday Deals

It's the biggest shopping day of the year. There are tons of deals—and not-really-deals—out there. So we combed through every one we could find, and ranked them all. Here's your Ultimate Black Friday guide: happy hunting. » 11/23/11 9:45am 11/23/11 9:45am

Deals are grouped by category, just like our daily Dealzmodo lists. So you'll find ebook… » 11/23/11 9:45am 11/23/11 9:45am

Newegg Offering 4GB MacBook RAM Upgrade For $45

Sure, the new MacBook's about to be revealed and that's super exciting, but some of us around here are actually starting to feel the effects of the recession and could sure use a good deal right now. For you belt-tighteners, here's a cheap and quick upgrade from Newegg. The online retailer's offering a Corsair 4GB… » 10/14/08 2:15am 10/14/08 2:15am and NewEgg Join Dell in the Irresponsible Shipping Hall of…

Yesterday, I showed you how Dell irresponsibly ships tiny flash drives in gigantic boxes, giving the finger to the environment. Well, Dell isn't the only offender when it comes to wasteful shipping habits. Above, reader Paul shows us how decided to ship a flash drive to him. And NewEgg? It's even worse. » 4/22/08 12:30pm 4/22/08 12:30pm