MySpace Will Discount Itself 83 Percent (And Not a Penny More)

After buying MySpace for $580 million five years ago, News Corporation will sell the dying social network at a steep discount, with bids due this week. But don't even think about bidding below $100 million. MySpace has its dignity! » 4/27/11 8:00am 4/27/11 8:00am

The Daily Will Start Charging From Next Week

If you've been enjoying News Corp's iPad newspaper The Daily up until now, you better get your credit card ready—next week, they'll start charging for it. $40 for an annual subscription, folks. [The Telegraph] » 3/16/11 11:49am 3/16/11 11:49am

News Corp Set-Top Box Becomes DVR: Just Add External Hard Drive

How much simpler can it get? You take the HD satellite set-top box already sitting in someone's living room, perform a quick firmware update, plug an external hard drive into the USB jack and voila, it's a bleedin' DVR. Voila is right, though, since this News Corp-owned software fix is currently only available to… » 2/26/08 4:55pm 2/26/08 4:55pm