How Roku Could Beat Apple to Finally Cracking TV

The Roku is a hell of a media streamer: its only real competitor is the Apple TV, but it costs half as much. No brainer. And when News Corp and British Sky Broadcasting pony up $45 million to help Roku win the streaming race, the possibilities start to seem limitless. » 7/26/12 5:39am 7/26/12 5:39am

If the News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Were Made Into a Movie...

The phone-hacking scandal that saw Rupert Murdoch close the UK's News of the World newspaper and several high-profile resignations has reached a crescendo. Thankfully there's a faux movie trailer to make light of the situation. [Thanks, Petah!] » 7/18/11 4:20am 7/18/11 4:20am

In Defense of Sleazy Journalism

As delightful as it's been to watch Rupert Murdoch's British fiefdom slowly drown in a foul swamp of wickedness and criminality, it's worth remembering that all good reporters are amoral monsters and that without a lot of highly questionable behavior on the part of sordid hacks around the world, we wouldn't know half… » 7/13/11 1:18pm 7/13/11 1:18pm