Missing Macbook Air Thrown Out With Stacks of Newspapers?

When I reviewed the Airbook, I noticed that I'd catch myself almost tossing the thing around like a magazine, which it resembled in size. Now Stephen Levy of Newsweek, one of the big four reviewers, has lost his. And he's theorizing that he might have thrown it out with a stack of old newspapers he piled on top. I can… »3/10/08 5:42pm3/10/08 5:42pm

Gates Lashes Out at Apple's Mac vs. PC Ads and Speaks of Life After Vista

Now that the wow has officially started, Bill Gates managed to take some time out and sit down with with Newsweek's Steven Levy to talk about what we can expect from Microsoft's next operating system and what he thinks of those Mac vs PC ads. So what did Gates have to say about Apple.... »2/02/07 10:58am2/02/07 10:58am

Gates on the next version…