Why Is AREA 51 Building A Mysterious New Hangar And What Will It Hide?

In the latest satellite imagery released to the public, dated June 30th (partial) and June 2nd (full), Area 51 continues to undergo changes, and one of them is significant in nature. This new construction project is of especially high interest, not just because of its physical size, but also because of its very… » 8/08/14 9:41am 8/08/14 9:41am

Next Generation Stealth Bombers Jump Out of Hyperspace

The next-generation stealth bomber from Boeing/Lockheed Martin is out. Developed by Phantom Works, the large diamond-shaped body, with long wings and razor-sharp nose, resembles a long-range B-2 Spirit bomber that has been retrofitted at Darth Vader's garage: from the front, it looks kind of evil and menacing. Unlike… » 9/18/08 8:00am 9/18/08 8:00am