Video of a Blonde Being Smashed by a Shovel (While, Thankfully, Wearing…

Click to viewHere's a video of an attractive blonde woman being hit by a shovel wielded by another blonde. I swear, this is not merely lesbionic, but gadgety, too. She's wearing a knee brace reinforced with that D3O body armor gel/foam/flubber that gives her a +10 bonus against blunt weapons. No damage! [D3O via … » 9/14/07 6:15pm 9/14/07 6:15pm

Me Being Run Over by a Mars Rover Prototype

Motorcycle crashes aside, here's another case of Man/Machine collision: The JPL designed NASA Mars Rover climbing over a viscous, blubbery, greasy surface known as My Back. The JPL lady said this thing only weighs 10-pounds, but it kind of felt heavier. The final Mars rover has six wheels, but the first prototype had… » 9/14/07 5:43pm 9/14/07 5:43pm

Jeff Han Talks Multitouch, iPhones, and Lame Minority Report Jokes

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Bumping into Jeff Han, a man highly obsessed with touchscreens, was a highlight of my Nextfest fly through. He was showing off Perceptive Pixel's 16 foot long multitouch system and I got a chance to ask him about the UI, what he thinks of and the iPhone and other systems, and how much he must hate… » 9/14/07 3:51pm 9/14/07 3:51pm

The Last Samurai Bot Would Eat Tom Cruise's Children

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Here's a Japanese robot named Kiyomori designed to show off fully articulating knees that can bend and expand like human knees. Combined with the articulating pelvis that has 2 degrees of movement, it walks, they claim naturally. I'm not so impressed with its gait, which has been documented before, but… » 9/14/07 1:31pm 9/14/07 1:31pm