Rumor: Nexus 10 Specs Leak Briefly on Google Play Store

The amount of times Google branded hardware “accidentally” turns up on the Play Store before it’s supposed to you’d be forgiven for thinking that the big G was purposefully leaking it all. And that’s what appears to have happened with the forthcoming Nexus 10 tablet, which had its guts spilled all across the store » 10/28/13 7:30am 10/28/13 7:30am

Possible Leaked Nexus 10 Renders Make It Look Like an Enormous Nexus 7

So the Nexus 10 is a pretty good tablet, especially for its price. But the 10-inch Nexus tabs just never caught on the way the 7-incher did. Now, a leaked press render from Phone Arena is showing off a (possible) new style: giant Nexus 7. » 10/24/13 1:37pm 10/24/13 1:37pm

Refreshed Nexus 10 Said to Arrive “In the Near Future”

While speaking with journalists after last night’s three-pronged Google Android 4.3/Nexus 7/Chromecast spectacular, the company’s Sundar Pichai reportedly told people that Samsung’s preparing an updated Nexus 10 to sit alongside the new Asus-made Nexus 7. » 7/25/13 8:14am 7/25/13 8:14am

The Best Full Size Tablet

This is the year tablets stopped being a one-horse race. There are real options now, and that means making real decisions. Here's how the top four choices compare—and which one measures up to be the best. » 12/12/12 2:20pm 12/12/12 2:20pm

The 10 Most Important Tablets of 2012

The tablet market went through some huge changes in 2012. Apple finally introduced a (somewhat) more affordable iPad. Microsoft released Windows 8 and launched its own hardware. And for the first time, every major player had a tablet that was actually, you know, good. » 12/06/12 5:40pm 12/06/12 5:40pm

The Best Deals in Tech

The holidays are approaching fast, and it's time to start picking up some gifts: for friends, family, even yourself. But when you're picking out what to go with, it's sometimes wise to stay away from the absolute best. Sometimes you just want the best value—something that's worth every shiny, hard-earned penny. » 12/04/12 12:30pm 12/04/12 12:30pm

Nexus 10 Teardown: See the Other Side of That Beautiful Screen

The Nexus 10 is pretty pretty, but what do it's innards look like? Powerbook Medic found out when they vivisected one of the impressive new $400 tabs, and laid out its guts for all of us to see. » 11/17/12 6:00pm 11/17/12 6:00pm

Google: Nexus 10 Is an Experiment to Rescue an Underpowered Tablet…

Interesting, if damning, commentary from Google suggests that the Nexus 10 is an experiment in resuscitating a tablet market which is overcrowded with expensive and underpowered 10-inch tablets. » 11/05/12 4:29am 11/05/12 4:29am

Google Nexus 10 Review: It’s Pretty Pretty

Back in June, Google launched the Nexus 7 tablet. It was as fast as most high-end tablets, and it only cost $200. It was a major hit. But not everybody is sold on the seven-inch form factor yet. Which is why the Nexus 10 is here to steal your hearts. » 11/02/12 11:07am 11/02/12 11:07am

How the Nexus 10 Stacks Up to the Competition

Google's Nexus 10 tablet has arrived, designed to serve as Android's flagship answer to the iPad and Surface. But is the thing worth its weight in salt? We compared the Nexus 10 to the other top new tablets to find out. » 10/29/12 12:51pm 10/29/12 12:51pm

Nexus 10 Tablet: Everything You Need to Know

It's been a long time, but it's finally here. Google's big answer to the iPad—the tablet that created an entire market—has officially arrived. And it's bringing a better-than-retina screen, curves and serious speed. » 10/29/12 12:12pm 10/29/12 12:12pm

Here's a Maddeningly Short Video of the Purported Nexus 10 Tablet

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, Google's Android event in NYC got canceled, the one where we were ever-so-probably sure there was going to be an announcement of the Nexus 10 tablet. Well, we have the next best thing, kind of. BriefMobile, source of previous leaks, released a video of the tablet. A brief one. » 10/28/12 9:00am 10/28/12 9:00am

Is This Google's Nexus 10 Tablet?

BriefMobile got its hands on what it says is the upcoming Google Nexus 10 tablet. Supposedly manufactured by Samsung, the tablet is said to have a dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos processor, a 2560x1600 retina-grade display, 2 gigabytes of RAM, 16 gigs of storage, a 5 megapixel camera, NFC, and Android 4.2, which is… » 10/26/12 3:24pm 10/26/12 3:24pm

New Google+ Pictures Basically Out the Nexus 10 Tablet

We already have a pretty good idea of everything that's going to happen at Google's big Android event next Monday, but now there's a little more fuel to add to the fire. Google's senior VP of engineering Vic Gundotra has been uploading some pictures to Google+ from a Nexus 10 tablet. » 10/26/12 9:32am 10/26/12 9:32am

Rumor: This Nexus 10 User Manual Leaks Google's 10-Inch Tablet

A Korean gadget site has posted images of a user manual for a device called a Samsung Nexus 10 that looks much like an oversized Nexus 7. Could this—along with that new Nexus phone—be what Google is announcing on Monday? » 10/25/12 11:01am 10/25/12 11:01am

Report: 32GB Nexus 7 with 3G, LG Nexus 4, Android 4.2 and More Will…

Google's got a surprise coming up on October 29th, and now we might now what it is. All of it. According to reports by The Next Web, it includes a 3G Nexus 7, Android 4.2, the new LG Nexus and maybe even some 10-inch tablet talk. » 10/21/12 11:08am 10/21/12 11:08am