The Next LG Optimus G2 Actually Looks A Lot Like the Next Nexus 4

Though it may seem like LG is forgotten in a world of S's and Ones, LG actually made the very great Nexus 4 and the super fast LG Optimus G Pro. So in making the upcoming Optimus G2, LG seems to have combined both phones. Taking the namesake of the Optimus G, the G2 looks to be a lot curvier like the Nexus 4. Let's… » 7/09/13 8:01pm 7/09/13 8:01pm

T-Mobile Will Sell the Sold Out Nexus 4 for 200 Bucks Tomorrow

Google already sold out of the off-contract Nexus 4 but T-Mobile told The Verge that they'll be selling the 16GB Nexus 4 for 200 bucks (with a two-year contract) tomorrow. If you don't want to tie yourself with a T-Mobile contract, the same phone will cost you $500. Yikes. That's a steep price bump from the no… » 11/13/12 7:58pm 11/13/12 7:58pm