Sony's Music Unlimited Streaming Service Coming to PSP in Weeks

It's not just the PSP which will benefit from an update bringing along the Music Unlimited streaming service—the NGP and Xperia Play will also see the Qriocity-powered service at a later date. The cloud-based streaming service is already available on the PS3 and Bravia TVs, and has six million songs to date. [Eurogamer »4/01/11 7:40am4/01/11 7:40am

Sony's NGP is Four Times More Powerful as the First iPad

Just in case you were still wondering (hoping?) that Sony's latest handheld would be as powerful as their full gaming console, the PS3, Sony slapped sense into everyone by saying it would "probably set fire to your pants," if true. That hasn't stopped Epic from saying it's still four times as powerful as the first… »3/03/11 3:40am3/03/11 3:40am