What Happens When You Drop a Red Hot Nickel Ball Onto Aerogel

Red hot nickel ball of fire meet your toughest opponent yet: aerogel. In fact, aerogel is such an amazing material and excellent insulator that the eternal flame of the nickel ball does absolutely nothing to it. Like, seriously. It affects the aerogel as much as the normal air around it (or in it too?). But hey.… »10/18/13 1:00am10/18/13 1:00am

A Hot Ball of Nickel Melting a Chocolate Bunny Transforms Itself into a Burning Ball of Chocolate

Unlike the slow simmer, bubble and pop of running through honey, the hot ball of nickel just bursts into flames when it touches a chocolate bunny. After burning a hole into the bunny (sorry Easter), the goopy chocolate transforms the hot nickel into a burning ball of chocolate. I never wanted to eat chocolate more… »4/02/13 2:00am4/02/13 2:00am