Internet Racists Are Obsessed With Nickelodeon's Show About "Cuckoldry"

You’ve probably never heard of Bella and the Bulldogs, a relatively new show on Nickelodeon about a perky cheerleader-turned-quarterback. It’s fairly popular among tweens and has just been renewed for a second season. It’s also popular among infuriated, far right-wing racists, who have become positively obsessed with… » 7/08/15 6:05pm 7/08/15 6:05pm

SpongeBob Soaks Up New Nickelodeon Npower Series

We got a chance to see Nickelodeon's new Npower line of consumer electronics at ShowStoppers at DigitalLife. The clear winners in my mind were the Flash Micro Digital Camera, complete with de-pantsing ability, the all-eyes Digital Music Player, and the fist-friendly Clock-it alarm clock. Sorry, Dora the Explorer just… » 9/26/07 8:51pm 9/26/07 8:51pm