IBM Laptop Concept Features Built-In Scanner, Shredder

Whether you are a spy or a shady CEO, this laptop concept by Nicolas Lehotzky has features that will fit the bill. I'm not crazy about the giant protruding lock / finger scanner, and the USB slots hidden behind a lockable metal cap may be a bit of a nuisance—but I love the built in scanner and paper shredder to… » 10/15/08 1:20pm 10/15/08 1:20pm

Caterpillar Watch Crawls 'Round Your Wrist to Tell Time

With timepieces embedded into every electronic gizmo nowadays, the humble wristwatch is on its way out, you might think. That's until you see this bizarrely cool prototype watch from designer Nicolas Lehotzky. Driven by a caterpillar-tread-alike drive, it turns the time-telling process inside out, from a virtual… » 7/14/08 4:58am 7/14/08 4:58am