Google Wants to Change TV Advertising Forever

Google Fiber is about to change the way TV ads look for subscribers in Kansas City. And it has the potential to upend the entire TV industry in the very near future. » 3/20/15 6:05pm 3/20/15 6:05pm

WSJ: Nielsen Will Start Tracking How Much People Watch Netflix

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nielsen will begin tracking how much TV people are watching through Netflix and Amazon next month. The goal is to give networks a sense for how much streaming services cut into regular TV watching. » 11/19/14 11:30am 11/19/14 11:30am

Last week, we learned that digital music sales dropped for the first time since iTunes in 2013. Thanks to Billboard and Nielsen's fresh year-end music report, we now know that there was significant 32 percent uptick in music streams in 2013. This doesn't prove that Spotify and the like are killing music sales, but it… » 1/10/14 9:48am 1/10/14 9:48am

After months of trials, Nielsen is about to roll out its technology to include online viewing figures in its records, and it'll lean on social networks to match viewing habits to social demographic. » 10/28/13 6:18am 10/28/13 6:18am

Nielsen's New Twitter TV Ratings Are a Total Scam. Here's Why.

Nielsen, the ratings monitoring service that gives networks the ammo to charge exorbitant prices for commercials, released their first "Twitter TV ratings"—ratings metrics that take into account social-media activity—this Monday. » 10/08/13 5:23pm 10/08/13 5:23pm

Nielsen will launch its Twitter TV Ratings Service on September 30. It will be the first time the company has formally used Twitter data to augment its long-standing media metrics system. » 9/20/13 4:12pm 9/20/13 4:12pm

Sex, Twitter, and Math—And Not Ratings—Are Making TV Smarter

Ratings don't matter anymore. Nielsen ratings, anyway. That's the thrust of a Wired feature today, and while we may have known that implicitly for some time now, the takeaway is that network execs and advertisers—the people who underwrite TV shows—are wising up to the importance of engagement over eyeballs. » 3/19/13 8:51am 3/19/13 8:51am

Nielsen TV Ratings Will Finally Include Streaming Figures

Nielsen, the company that tells us how successful TV shows are, is joining the modern age: from September, it will include data from streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video in its statistics. » 2/21/13 5:17am 2/21/13 5:17am

Watch These Puppets Explain Everything Worth Knowing About TV Ratings

You've heard of Nielsen ratings. You're pretty sure it involves a box. Heck, you even know what a "time-shift" is. But you have never, ever had the veil of ratings secrecy pulled back so completely. Or with so many puppets! » 9/16/11 8:53am 9/16/11 8:53am

Americans Spend 53 Billion Minutes A Month on Facebook, Wait, What?

Americans spend more time on Facebook than any other US website. And cumulatively, it's not a small amount of time, it's a lot of time. Nielsen estimates that Americans spent 53 billion minutes on Facebook during the month of May. » 9/12/11 8:33pm 9/12/11 8:33pm

Android Users Don't Really Use That Many Apps

It's not that Android users don't use their apps, they do: Nielsen says Android users spend about an hour a day on their phone with two-thirds of that time being spent apps. It's that they're all spending their time in the same apps (probably because most apps just suck). » 8/18/11 11:44am 8/18/11 11:44am

Why More People Watch Mobile Video at Home Than on The Bus

Smartphones and tablets are supposed to be mobile devices, but the freedom to watch movies on the go is apparently lost on many people. » 8/01/11 8:19pm 8/01/11 8:19pm

For the First Time in 20 Years, There Are Fewer Homes with TVs Than the…

Nielsen says that TV ownership in homes has dropped for the first time in 20 years. This year, 96.7 percent of American households have a television set versus 98.9 percent last year. Two possible reasons (and both very believable!): one is that low-income homes may have struggled with the switch to digital sets and… » 5/03/11 5:20pm 5/03/11 5:20pm

Deep Inside the Flawed Nielsen Ratings System

It happens to all of us: your new favorite show is doomed from the start, all because of bad Nielsen ratings. But why do we listen to these Nielsen people, anyway? Splitsider explains who they are, and why they're wrong. » 1/31/11 5:00pm 1/31/11 5:00pm

Survey Says: We All Hate 3DTV!

After polling the U.S. a few months ago, Nielsen conducted a worldwide poll to gauge interest in 3DTV displays. SPOILER ALERT: less than 10 percent of those asked said they'll buy a 3D television in the next year. » 12/22/10 1:20am 12/22/10 1:20am

Study: Consumers Less Interested In 3D TV After Experiencing It…

The 3D revolution. Companies like Sony and pretty much every vendor who attended IFA the other day want it to happen yesterday. Consumers? Interested—just not to the point where they're willing to put down any coin just yet. » 9/11/10 10:05am 9/11/10 10:05am

Black People Call and Text Way More Than Everyone Else

According to a new year-long study by The Nielsen Company, black people use more voice minutes and send more text messages than any other race. Like, way more. » 8/24/10 6:10pm 8/24/10 6:10pm

Here's The Most Popular Apps On Android, iPhone And BlackBerry

Here's an interesting set of charts from Nielsen analyzing the most popular apps on each smartphone platform. » 6/10/10 10:40pm 6/10/10 10:40pm

DVR List Provides a Who's Who of Underrated TV Shows

Nielsen's list of the top ten "time-shifted" prime time TV shows takes stock of whose ratings benefited the most from DVR in 2009. What do they have in common? They're all the shows you keep begging your friends to watch.

» 12/11/09 7:06pm 12/11/09 7:06pm

No One Really Knows How Many Albums Michael Jackson Sold

Some earth-shattering sleuthing from the WSJ: No one really knows how many albums Michael Jackson sold—certainly not 750 million. See, in the barbaric days before album sales were electronically reported to Nielsen SoundScan—1991—it was all guesswork. » 7/15/09 12:40pm 7/15/09 12:40pm