Nigeria's Using a Biometric ID Card That Doubles As a Debit Card

Make all the "Dear Friend" email scam jokes that you want—Nigeria now has one of the most sophisticated government-issued ID systems in the world. A new nationwide card that rolls out this week collects biometric information to prevent fraud and includes a debit card feature backed by MasterCard. » 9/02/14 7:50pm 9/02/14 7:50pm

An Entire City Under Construction to Save Another from Climate Change

The African nation of Nigeria is experiencing many familiar problems in our age of climate change: rising sea levels, storm surges, devastating flooding. Now its coastal city Lagos is going to outrageous lengths to protect itself, both environmentally and financially, by building an entirely new city the size of… » 1/30/14 11:00am 1/30/14 11:00am

OLPC Slapped With Interim Injunction, $20 Million Lawsuit in Nigeria

Holy crap. The latest on the lawsuit against OLPC by Nigerian firm Lagos Analysis Corporation (Lancor) is that OLPC has been hit with a temporary injunction, meaning it can't be distributed or sold in Nigeria "on pain of jail time." LANCOR also wants $20 million in damages. From a charity. Groklaw insinuates… » 1/02/08 3:15pm 1/02/08 3:15pm

Nigerian Man Builds Working Helicopters from Junk

A 24-year-old undergraduate from Nigeria is building helicopters out of old car and bike parts. Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi, a physics student, spent eight months building the yellow model seen here, using the money he makes from repairing cellphones and computers. While some of the parts have been sourced from a… » 10/22/07 9:01am 10/22/07 9:01am

India Rejects $100 One Laptop Per Child Project

Nigeria may have ordered 1 million of the OLPC laptops, but India isn't saying "Thank you, come again" to Nicholas Negroponte and his band of MIT hooligans. The Indian Ministry of Education said the laptop was "paedagogically suspect" and that "We cannot visualise a situation for decades when we can go beyone the… » 7/26/06 8:45pm 7/26/06 8:45pm

PC Consumes 8.5 Watts, Has No Moving Parts

Nigerians have been so busy trying to introduce everyone on the Internet to the son of the late president of that war-torn country who needs you to help him move US$21,320,000 million out of the country, they've had little time for anything else. But instead of giving it away, someone has taken that boatload of cash… » 6/12/06 9:21am 6/12/06 9:21am