The Night Coaster: For Considerate Snoozers

The Night Coaster is a small device you keep on your bedside table to host anything you might need during the night, like eyeglasses or your cigarettes or keys for the handcuffs. The neat bit is that it has a motion sensor that makes the coaster glow as you reach over to it, but not enough to wake your partner, just… » 8/06/08 11:00pm 8/06/08 11:00pm

Night Before Christmas Mobile Light Comes Out 299 Days Early

I'm not sure whether this Night Before Christmas mobile night light will work for Tim Burton fans who are scared of the dark. Switch the $21.99 light on and little silhouettes of Jack Skellington and his chums will glide silently across your bedroom ceiling all night long. The light, which looks like a crystal ball,… » 2/28/08 7:59am 2/28/08 7:59am

Plasma Ball Night Light Makes Us Nostalgic For Bed Wetting

Our parents were too cheap to buy us one of those plasma balls that arc'ed "lightning" to your fingertips when touched, but this Plasma Bulb Night Light is a cheaper way to relive our childhood than to look on Craigslist for a some lady to breast feed us. For just $9.99, the night light keeps away demons at night… » 11/27/07 3:20pm 11/27/07 3:20pm

Outhouse Nightlight for Hicks and Simpletons of All Stripes

All you city slickers go on down to the next post, but fellow hillbillies, here's a nightlight that will make us feel right at home. Reminding you that indoor plumbing is still a luxury for some mountain-dwelling folk, this outhouse nightlight will illuminate your path, no matter how much moonshine you've been… » 8/17/07 12:45pm 8/17/07 12:45pm

Hourglass Nightlight Keeps the Bogeyman Away

Most fraidy-cats still need a light on when they go to sleep—to keep that monster living under the bed at bay—and if you're one of those unfortunate souls you might like (nay, need) this Hourglass Nightlight by Sun Young Lee that saves energy by only staying lit as long as you need it. Turn it upside down and its sand… » 8/15/07 1:15pm 8/15/07 1:15pm

Companion Light/Clock, For Those Strange Nights

Next time you wake up in an unfamiliar place and wonder "where TF am I?", just pick up this little clock and its soft glow is automatically triggered, reminding you that yes, you are in a strange hotel room in Timbuktu. This $60 alarm clock won't tell you how you got there, but it will certainly remind you of what… » 12/12/06 4:27pm 12/12/06 4:27pm