Inside Foxconn: TV Crew Enters Apple's Factories for the First Time Ever

ABC News' Nightline program delivered what they claimed would be an unprecedented look inside the Foxconntroversy: their TV crew would have unfettered access to facilities and people. So what did they expose? » 2/22/12 10:05am 2/22/12 10:05am

A Peek Inside the Controversial Factory That Builds Your iPads

On Tuesday night, ABC will broadcast a special Nightline episode that takes a look into Foxconn's factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China. To whet your appetite, though, here's a sneak preview of what ABC is planning to offer up. » 2/20/12 8:42am 2/20/12 8:42am

A Sneak Peek At Sony's Google TV Controller

ABC Nightline's Google TV special gave us an early look at Sony's Google TV controller. It's got two circular directional pads, a QWERTY keyboard, and a lot of other buttons. Check out the video for more details. [Engadget] » 10/05/10 9:00pm 10/05/10 9:00pm

Not-So-Old Technology Warping Into Obsolescence

Gizmodo collaborator Anna Jane Grossman appeared last week on Nightline to talk about her second most favorite thing*: The death of not-so-old technology. And along with it, the death of blind dates, love letters, and long phone calls. » 5/03/10 5:40pm 5/03/10 5:40pm