This is what a biblical plague (and my worst nightmare) looks like

Come spend your vacation in the beautiful fields of Madagascar, they said. It will soothe your soul, they said. That's what I imagine Michele Martinelli—the author of this photo featured by National Geographic's Your Shot—thought when millions of locust took to the skies with a deafening bone-chilling buzz. »12/16/14 10:25pm12/16/14 10:25pm

Goth-style Webcam is So Hideous You Wouldn't Want to Film Your Expression

Sweet Baby Jesus and all the orphans, we wonder what possessed the creators of this nightmarish webcam as they slaved away at the drawing board. Something nasty with horns, a wicked headache and really bad taste in art, I reckon. Let's see—take one webcam (pretty standard USB 2.0, 1.3 Mpix little number, with lights… »1/21/08 8:41am1/21/08 8:41am