The Best Weapon to Trap and Kill Bed Bugs Is Hidden in Our Blood 

Bed bug infestations are a nightmare. The tiny, assholish insects can resist all sorts of measures to kill them completely. Drawn-out infestations are a scourge, but also fairly common in big cities like New York. There are plenty of remedies, from all-natural bean leaves to special heated suitcases, but none are… » 12/29/14 1:20pm 12/29/14 1:20pm

The legs on this puppy-sized spider are a foot long

Have you had any nightmares, lately? Would you like some? Then you'll love the South American Goliath birdeater. This furry spider is the size of a puppy, and thanks to hard claws on the tips of its foot-long legs, it makes a horrifying clicking sound when it scampers through the forest. » 10/17/14 7:20pm 10/17/14 7:20pm

​The $1.5 Million Indiegogo Smartwatch Horror Story

Crowdfunding, like any gamble, preys on your hopes and dreams. Sometimes, you get the wonderful dream device you deserve. Other times, you get a million dollar pile of shit, like a smartwatch that can't tell time. The Kreyos Meteor seems to fall into that second category. » 8/21/14 1:57pm 8/21/14 1:57pm

These monstrous nightmares are much cooler than Pixar's Monsters, Inc.

Photographer and digital retoucher Laure Fauvel produced these charming images of children confronting the monsters in their bedrooms. The creatures that go bump in the night appear to be in retreat and as scary as they look, I actually feel sorry for them facing these tough kids. » 7/11/14 10:04pm 7/11/14 10:04pm

This horror version of Bugs Bunny will haunt my dreams tonight

Rafael "Rafahu" Aguilar is a very talented Mexican animator, illustrator and designer with a wonderfully twisted mind and a classic style worth of Creepy or any of the Warren comic magazines during the 70s. This horror reinterpretation of classic Warner Bros. imagery seems designed to make kids cry. » 6/21/14 12:05am 6/21/14 12:05am

Basement Monster Skeleton Discovered By Cable Installer

This skeleton of a dead (?) basement monster was found by a worker installing cable beneath a house, leaving the terrified resident to wonder what kind of goblin lair lies just beneath the floorboards. Is the creature a wild animal? A lost pet? Or is this something science cannot (or will not) explain? » 7/13/13 5:46pm 7/13/13 5:46pm

Our Old Classic Fears Translated Into Modern Technology Nightmares

Do you remember all your childhood fears? You know, like all those nightmares you had about being chased, being naked and getting killed by monsters. You stopped being scared of them because you grew up and you replaced old fears with new digital nightmares. Like being trolled and accidentally sending sexts and the… » 3/22/13 8:00pm 3/22/13 8:00pm

Woman Arrested For Microwaving Her Baby to Death

Kang Ya, a 29-year-old from Sacramento, has been taken into custody for what police are saying were fatal burns administered to her 6-week-old daughter, via microwave. The story is here. Happy nightmaring. [KCBS] » 6/22/11 6:40am 6/22/11 6:40am

Rats Now Riding the Subway Like Regular Passengers

Millions of rats living on the NYC subway tracks don't faze New Yorkers in the least. But recently, the rats have started venturing onto slumbering passengers. And now: alarming video evidence shows that rats consider themselves normal subway riders. » 1/27/11 2:40pm 1/27/11 2:40pm

Time Warner Cable Support Trouble? Here's the Magic Password

We've had trouble with Time Warner Cable before, and will probably have it again, but next time we'll be armed with this helpful hint from our balls-to-the-wall compadres at The Consumerist. It appears that if you have the magic password, the drones at Time Warner Customer Support will bump you upstairs to the techies… » 8/04/06 10:50am 8/04/06 10:50am